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Latest Design Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer-2019

$15.89 $11.28

  • Very easy and simple to use, for anyone and anywhere
  • Very low power needed, so NO extra cost
  • Durable and long lasting – So it can be used for years
  • Whatever your brush size is, it can clean all of them!
  • Keep your dressing table clean with the Unique Collar Stand that comes with this product, which can have lot of different size brushes.


Fast and Easy Use

This product is super easy to use and takes only 5 seconds to clean your makeup brushes (of any size!).

Cleaner and Dryer In Same Product!

No more worries about separate dryer and cleaner for your brushes. This cleaner can do it all, at record speed!

Durable and long lasting

The clean bowl is made up of high grade materials to ensure long-lasting use. And it is nontoxic, which is environment-friendly and easy to clean.

cosmetics brushes just shortly.

Simple to Use:

3 ventures to utilize this brush cleaner: Assemble the spinner with cosmetics brush; Spin and wash; Spin to dry it.

Tough and Durable:

The clean bowl is made by high evaluation materials to guarantee durable use. Furthermore, it is nontoxic, which is ecological agreeable and simple cleaning.

Suit for Different Sizes Makeup Brush:

8 diverse sizes of elastic holders,suit for most kind cosmetics brushes.

Increasingly Neat Dressing Table:

Unique neckline stand can viably put collars and make up brushes,no longer stress over them dispersed to anyplace.

How to Use it:

1. Put some water and cleanser or cosmetics cleaning cleanser into the bowl.

2. Locate the appropriate collars and addition the brush into the spinner.

3. Plunge and dunk the brush in the fluid.

4. Turn on the spinner, turn the brush to clean.

5. Change the water and clean once more.

6. Turn the brush to dry it.


Reviews :-

“Product is in perfect condition, I highly recommend this product.”

-E***z from Switzerland

“It seems to work pretty well I’m satisfied.”

-M***c from United Kingdom

Good quality and good effect, super satisfied